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kristen || loving fool and fairy friend

July 17th     8:49 am

July 15th     6:26 pm

so turns out this song is really famous, but i just heard it for the first time and think it is great. hayden says it is a song you listen to “when the sun is about to come up and you are kind of drunk with people you feel weird about but are also probably really similar to”

July 14th     8:12 pm

July 14th     5:49 pm

i am 21 years old and have been shit on by a bird twice. can’t wait to see what the rest of life has in store for me

July 12th     11:34 am

🎀💄👑👙💋 (at diva den)

🎀💄👑👙💋 (at diva den)

July 8th     7:43 pm


July 8th     3:57 pm

the power went off while i was at work today. at work we answer calls and emails. i was in the middle of typing an email. we don’t have windows in the office so we had to go to the lobby to see if there was a thunderstorm, but there wasn’t. we ate our lunches in the dark. the door has an electric lock so we had to prop it open with a chair. we talked about who would be eaten first if we had to resort to cannibalism. i read everyone their horoscopes. someone had cards against humanity in their car so they got it and we played. one of the black cards was “what do old people smell like?” and i played the card “old people smell” and it didn’t even win. it started getting hot inside, i felt dizzy, everyone was getting restless.

they let us go home after three hours. when i was driving home i saw graffiti that said “now we’re really living :(“

July 7th     4:38 pm

“ Maybe boredom is erotic, when women do it, for men. ”

— Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

July 6th     3:52 pm


Palestinians in Jordan, 1970


Palestinians in Jordan, 1970

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